‘Ô les mains’ is out now !!!

This video represents the next level of training in hand hygiene – not based on rational but on art, dance and music – opening a new way of acquiring proficiency in healthcare delivery. We already notice the effect in our hospital when walking through the corridors. What we have not achieved during years with courses and brochures is happening now: our colleagues have assimilated the gestures for good hand hygiene ‘over night’.


And don’t hesitate to give us feedback…

The VigiGerme® team created this video together with Rythmakers under direction of Adil Bouarbi and Freestudio under direction of Fabio Deluca. Thanks to them!

Thanks to the VigiGerme® team members on this project: Anne Iten, Agnès Reffet, Sandrine Longet, Hugo Sax. This was a great experience of joined intelligence and creativity.

Special thanks to Sandrine and Adil without whom this would never have happened. They collaborated closely with the dancers to fuse medical knowledge with art.

Last but not least, thanks to our Director General, Bernard Gruson, who trusted us to grant this work.



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  1. Gabi teschlade,

    Hello Team of Vigigerme

    I saw the video on 25. 02. in Freiburg on a congress about hygienic. It is great.
    Is it possibel to get the video in german language. Let me know it and I am happy to get it for all the working person in our hospital. Thank you very much.

    Thank you for an answer
    Best regards
    Gabi Teschlade

    • Hugo,

      Hi Gabi,
      As there is no Language inside the video (one more advantage of a pure music video) there is not really an urgent need for translation in German. The titles ‘Ô les mais’ can be seen as a brand name (think of a perfume for example)… But tell me if you have a specific bit that you wanted to see in German.

  2. Dr. Thomas Stau,

    Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Sax,
    das Video gefällt mir sehr, ich würde es gerne käuflich erwerben – bitte teilen Sie mir mit, wann und wo dies möglich ist.
    Schöne Grüße,
    Thomas Stau

    • Hugo,

      Sehr geehrter Herr Dr Stau
      Das Video ist gratis, Sie können es gemäss den Anleitung von dieser Hompage herunterladen und nach Ihrem Gutdünken verwenden. Es gibt eine Kurz- und eine Vollversion. Einfach auf den entsprechenden Link klicken und den Anweisungen folgen (Kürzel .doc durch Kürzel .zip ersetzen und dann ent-zippen.
      Mit besten Grüssen, viel Erfolg!!
      Hugo Sax

  3. I’ve seen a condensed 55 second video. How can I get a copy of the condensed video?

  4. Melaku Lemma,

    Excellent video to show how easy hand hygiene can be.

  5. What a great video. Can we use this to teach in our facility’s? How can we get a copy of the video?
    I am amazed at what a great presentation on Hand Hygiene. I can truly see why it would change the culture in your facilty.

    • Hugo,

      Thanks for your kind comment. This video material is in the open domain, you can use it freely by just citing the reference of VigiGerme® and Unversity of Geneva Hospitals. You can download it from the Video page of this homepage by following the instructions given there. Good luck and lots of success!!!

  6. Janette Santos Alves de São Luís -MA,

    Toda a equipe que participou para criar esta dança e os dançarinos estão de parabéns eu já tenho este vídeo. Faz o maior sucesso por trabalho dando aula e todos param para admirar. È excelente, é um show. Gostaria se possível sempre receber novidades como este vídeo. Obrigada e mais uma vez parabéns….

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