Dance lessons with Adil

Last Wednesday 28 April, Adil of Les Rythmakers, gave dance lessons to a group of non-dancers to prepare the showdown at the University of Geneva Hospitals on the 5-5-10.

We will report on what happened after the event. The hospital Director General promised to appear and participate actively in the dancing event. He did not come to the training lessons, though. We are curious…

Adil promised to teach you too. Maybe not before the 5-5-10, but one day we might have a hand hygiene dance happening around the globe…



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  1. Melody Miller,

    I watched the shortened version of your dance video in a slide presentation @ work and loved it so much I went online and watched it several times on youtube. I would love to see how your performance on the 5th went. Thanks for making such a mundane subject as handwashing enjoyable for all.

    • Hugo,

      Hi Melody, we posted a video of our 5-5-10 event. As one of the nurses put it today: The smiles were true once! What can one want more?

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