The making of

The making of Ô les mains

This dance video represents the next level of training in hand hygiene – not based on rational but on art – opening a new way of acquiring proficiency in healthcare delivery. We already notice the effect in our hospital when walking through the corridors. What we have not achieved during years with courses and brochures is happening now: our colleagues have assimilated the gestures for good hand hygiene ‘over night’.


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The VigiGerme® team created this video together with Rythmakers under direction of Adil Bouarbi and Freestudiounder direction of Fabio Deluca. Thanks to them!

Thanks to the VigiGerme® team members on this project: Anne Iten, Agnès Reffet, Sandrine Longet, Hugo Sax. This was a great experience of joined intelligence and creativity.

Special thanks to Sandrine and Adil without whom this would never have happened. They collaborated closely with the dancers to fuse medical knowledge with art.

Last but not least, thanks to our Director General, Bernard Gruson, who trusted us to grant this work.

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